Smoky Vegan Omelette

SMOKY VEGAN OMELETTE gluten free – nut free – low calories By Jasmin *We do not claim to be professional expert in nutrition. These values are based on online nutrition calculator and are merely a suggested estimation* Yield 2 servings. Nutritional value: 1/2 smoky vegan omelette. Ingredients: for the smoky vegan omelette: for the sautéed

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Moroccan veggies & peas tajine

Moroccan veggies & peas tagine high protein – nut free – gluten free By Jasmin A rich fatty savoury sauce and melt in your mouth veggies ! A succulent Moroccan vegan tagine recipes you have to try. The combination of vegetables, spices and legumes in this recipe is a match mad in heaven: cauliflower, potatoes

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