soy milk

Soyonnaise (vegan mayo)

How to make vegan mayo (soyonnaise) By Jasmin When I switch to a vegan diet, the only element I missed is mayonnaise. This vegan homemade mayonnaise is thick, rich and creamy just like the egg mayo, only this vegan mayo tastes incredibly better. Simple ingredients and ready in less than 5 min ! Both homemade […]

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How to make soy milk at home

How to make soy milk By Jasmin *We do not claim to be profession expert in nutrition. These values are based on online nutrition calculator and are merely a suggested estimation* Yield: 20 balls. Nutritional value 1 ball: 55 Kcal Protein: 1 G Carbs: 9.4 G Fat: 1 G Yield: around 2 cups (4 servings

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