3 Bloat free protein sources

By Jasmin

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When you think plant based protein sources, the first to cross your mind are beans and legumes. There’s a legit reason behind it: beans and legumes are rich in proteins. However, it doesn’t come without a price: gaz and bloating. You will undoubtedly experience a fair amount of flatulence ranging from discreet farting to severe bloating, depending on how much beans you ate, the prepping and cooking process, as well as your digestif system. Do not get me wrong, releasing gaz (aka farting) is normal, that’s a subject for another article. What I’m discussing here is other alternatives for plant based protein sources that do not upset my digestive system, do not consume much of my time nor require special prepping. Here’s my top 3 bloat free protein sources:
  1. Nutritional yeast
  2. Protein powder (plant based)
  3. Tofu and tempeh

1- Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast is an EXCELLENT source of proteins; it contains all essential amino acids (aka complete proteins, which we discussed here in detail with Dr Ilham). Besides, some of the nutritional yeast brands fortify their product with vitamin B12; you get to hit two allowances with one product !. I have introduced nutritional yeast to my vegan diet earlier this year and I’m loving it ! I’ve been adding it to my vegan scramble omelette and scramble tofu, tahini dressing, and the béchamel sauce just to name a few. I’ll be posting nutritional yeast recipes as soon as I can. I would like to add that most nutritional yeast tastes kind of nutty and cheesy, especially the one made in the USA. The one made in Europe though, taste less cheesy and more umami like, which is still great as well ! I’m writing a detailed article about nutritional yeast which will be posted as soon as it’s ready.

Here in Morocco, we have access to only one brand of nutritional yeast at an exaggerated price – if it is available at all- and only throughout an online order from one retailer. It’s not even available at the stores shelves, like it’s some kind of unicorn hair derived product ! I’ve searched the net up and down for weeks to find the best nutritional yeast at the best deal from retailers that actually ship to Morocco at a reasonable price (they ship internationally as well). Here’s my selection: click here.


2- Protein powder (plant based)

During my search for alternative bloat free protein sources I’ve stumbled upon protein powders. I have to admit that I’ve always been susceptible about protein powders for a fare enough time. The image/ opinion I had on protein powders based on TV and media, is that protein powders are: 1- for body builders and athletes, 2- it has-long term side effects, 3- it may improve muscles recovery therefore muscles gain. “How about vegan athletes and vegan body builders ?” I asked my self, “is there a plant based vegan protein powder?” The answer is yes, there are plant based protein powders. “But I’m not trying to bulk up” you may say. That’s not how it works. Protein powder is just a high concentration of proteins in a small scoop, it doesn’t replace proteins from whole foods, it’s a supplement, you eat it to complement your whole balanced diet, not to substitute it. Therefore, I was wrong about protein powder for years. I tried the one derived from pea protein isolate and liked it; it helps me feel satiated without eating a big quantity nor the discomfort of bloating. Especially during this time of the month when I deal with hormonal bloating and gluten, legumes and beans irritate my digestive system more than usual. I do not eat it everyday though, I either add it to my oatmeal, bakes muffins/ cakes or as a drink/ shake. Why haven’t I tried sooner !

I’ve selected the best reputed plant based pea isolate protein powders with no artificial colours flavours or sweeteners, saturated oil fee, available in Morocco and internationally: click here.  

3- Tofu and tempeh

This article won’t be complete without tofu. It’s the SUPREME plant based protein source (along with tempeh). Soybeans contain all essential amino acids: it’s a complete protein WITHOUT THE BLOATING ! A dream come true if you ask me. Not the only one though, quinoa is a complete protein as well, I did not mention it in this article because it requires soaking and cooking and I as I stated earlier we’re focussing on plant based protein sources which are gaz/ bloat free and do not require prepping nor cooking. Tofu though, is sold ready to consume, just open the package and eat, et voilà you’ve been nourished (or learn ho two make tofu at home link below). I eat tofu everyday, the easiest way to include tofu in your meals is to blend it as a dressing/ sauce or as a drink/ shake (feel free to add protein powder as well !).

Thank you for reading, and keep in mind that healthy balanced vegan diet is water, veggies, fruits, seeds grains, nuts and B12, anything else is optional !

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