Glazed tofu with noodles salad

Glazed tofu with noodles salad Using a sandwich press gluten free – high protein By Jasmin I wish you guys can smell and taste this ! So delicious it has become my new obsession. Beside the savouriness, this dish is high in protein, gluten free AND using only a toaster ! A sweet and savoury […]

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Chocolate coffee muffins

BACK TO RECIPES Chocolate coffee muffins gluten free – oil free By Jasmin If you’re craving a deep rich chocolaty fluffy baked dessert to bite into, these decadent muffins were crafted for you ! Healthy, gluten free and oil free. Made from oat, hazelnut, coffee, soy milk and dark chocolate. Perfect for an afternoon snack

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Dark chocolate mousse

BACK TO RECIPES Chocolate mousse gluten free – oil free By Jasmin For all the chocoholics out there! This decadent light, smooth, and rich dark chocolate vegan mousse is ready in just three steps. Easier to make than you think and lasts a whole week in the fridge (if you keep your hands off of

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Almond chocolate chip cookies

BACK TO RECIPES Almond chocolate chips cookies gluten free – oil free By Jasmin All the indulgence and no guilt ! Amazing chocolate chips cookies, crispy edges on the outside, soft on the inside and slightly buttery. No chill time required, no gluten and no oil ! Have you ordered my cookbooks yet ? *We

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Smoky Vegan Omelette

SMOKY VEGAN OMELETTE gluten free – nut free – low calories By Jasmin *We do not claim to be professional expert in nutrition. These values are based on online nutrition calculator and are merely a suggested estimation* Yield 2 servings. Nutritional value: 1/2 smoky vegan omelette. Ingredients: for the smoky vegan omelette: for the sautéed

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