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Thai tofu satay skewers

Thai tofu satay skewers With a Wakame rice salad gluten free – high protein By Jasmin A meaty juicy flavourful spicy absolutely delicious Thai satay tofu skewers with a spicy peanut sauce to die for – obviously – and a side Wakame and sweet corn rice salad. A finger-licking meal ! Satay is a South

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Glazed tofu with noodles salad

Glazed tofu with noodles salad Using a sandwich press gluten free – high protein By Jasmin I wish you guys can smell and taste this ! So delicious it has become my new obsession. Beside the savouriness, this dish is high in protein, gluten free AND using only a toaster ! A sweet and savoury

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Lebanese stuffed cabbage

Lebanese stuffed cabbage rolls gluten free – sugar free By Jasmin A finger licking delicious classic Lebanese dish. Originally meat free ! I absolutely adore the Lebanese stuffed cabbage rolls and grape leaves rolls. Its perfectly balanced flavours distinguish it from the its neighbouring version. It’s light, fresh and hold deep tones of flavour all

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Hummus tahini

Hummus tahini recipe nut free – gluten free – oil free – high protein By Jasmin Hummus literally translate to “chickpeas” in Arabic, an abbreviation of the dish’s full name “hummus bi tahini” (chickpeas with tahini).  Hummus is a dip made from a smooth fluffy cooked chickpea purée with tahini, lemon juice and salt. A three

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Pea pesto pasta

Pea pesto pasta nut free – high protein By Jasmin Look at this beautiful dish ! Pea pesto pasta with sautéed courgettes and green olives. simple yet delicious and ready in 20 min. Have you ordered my cookbooks yet ? *We do not claim to be profession expert in nutrition. These values are based on

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Vegan Kofteh & Tofu Skewers

Vegan koftah & tofu skewers high protein By Jasmin A mouth watering meaty tender flavourful vegan skewers ! An absolutely delicious skewers 2 ways: vegan Moroccan koftah and marinated tofu veggies skewers. I served mine with potato wedges and flat Lebanese bread with pickles and garlic mayo !  Have you ordered my cookbooks yet ?

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Moroccan sprouted lentil stew

BACK TO RECIPES Moroccan sprouted lentil stew gluten free – sugar free By Jasmin, creator, author If you’re craving a warm bowl of comfort this Moroccan sprouted lentil stew is for you. A dish where simple ingredients come together to create great flavours. Non sprouted lentils will work as well.   Have you ordered my

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Spicy peanut tofu marinade

BACK TO RECIPES Spicy peanut tofu marinade By Jasmin When I make tofu at home, I usually make around 35 oz at once. I store half of it in salted water which is changed once a week to keep the tofu fresh longer (up to one month). With the rest of the tofu, I prepare

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