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My Vegan Kitchen Gadget Essentials. From left to right: electric spice grinder, grater, hand blende set, food processor, blender, scissors, knife and peeler.

I only recommend products I have already used myself or will be using. Please note this article contains affiliate links from which I earn a commission when you buy through the links at no additional cost to you. Good reading.

The first step when adopting a healthy lifestyle is learning how cook, which could be intimidating, challenging and time consuming. When equipped with the proper kitchen tools and gadgets, cooking meals from scratch will no longer be a laborious burden. Choosing your kitchen gadgets though, can be overwhelming and confusing with all the countless choices out there. Here’s a list of my essential kitchen gadgets and tools I have been using for years. They make the ”healthy” section of my vegan diet attainable.

My vegan kitchen essentiel gadgets. From left to right: grater knives, peeler, scissors.

1- Knives.

Since I no longer eat animal produce, no need to specify which knife is for what. No more meat knife, cheese knife, chicken breast knife, fish knife or whatever. All my fruits, veggies, fresh herbs, parsley, garlic, tofu, spreads, etc … are treated with equity and equality: they are cut with same knife. I haven’t replaced my cleaver knife since I lost it and I will as soon as I put my mind into it. Other than that, the steak knife has been converted into a cake and bread knife and he’s never been happier [wicked smile].

2- Scissors.

Not only scissors are mandatory for opening tofu packages, cutting baking sheets, spaghetti cellophane packaging, but also for snipping fresh herbs such as chives, parsley or basil. Furthermore, slicing green leaves like lettuce and Swiss chard to cite a few.

3- Grater.

A grater is undoubtedly a must have in your vegan kitchen. Not only to shred vegan cheese block, but also to shred onions, peppers, carrots, cabbages and other veggies instead of chopping them with a knife ! In addition, mincing garlic and ginger. I suggest a multifunction multi-grinding surfaces stainless steel box grater with a handle.

4- Peeler.

Although vegetable peeler is famous for peeling potato skin, It definitely has other purposes. Like making cucumber ribbons for sushi rolls or freshen up your sandwiches. As well as carrot ribbons for an easy beautiful stir fry. You can also use a peeler to shave chocolate to garnish your pancakes, decorate tiramisu and other dessert as well. Furthermore, peel the potato into thin slices for homemade chips !

My vegan kitchen gadget essentials. from left to right: electric spice grinder, blender, immersion blender set, food processor.

5- Hand blender set.

Why a hand blender set you may ask. For one and only reason: vegan mayo. Not kidding. Vegan mayo IS THE O-N-L-Y reason I invested in a high quality hand set blender. I got this set in 2018. After 1424 days of hard labor, hundreds of vegan mayonnaise emulsions, thousands of soups mixing, dressings and sauces blending, it stands by me today as the first day I got it out of the box. Besides the immersion blender. the set includes a chopping bowl which I use to make hummus, dips, chop veggies when I’m extra busy and to mix my pancake batter as well.

Bosch hand blender mix

What I’m using

6- Blender.

My stand blender has 2 jobs: plant based milk (mostly soy milk) and juices. The immersion blender is perfectly capable of accomplishing these 2 tasks. However, with a stand blender your hand are free for multitasking and can handle a 2 L quantity at once.

What I’m using

TAURUS stand blender 600W
  • Taurus stand blender
  • Capacity 1.5 L
  • 600 W
  • Thick glass container with measuring scale
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Detachable bottom
  • Super easy to clean to perfection

On my wish list

Oster glass blender set 1200W
  • Oster stand blender
  • Capacity 0.7 L
  • 1200 W
  • Thick glass container with measuring scale
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Detachable bottom
  • Super easy to clean to perfection

7- Electric spice grinder.

The spice/ coffee grinder is mandatory. I’m sincerely grateful they invented it. Which – obviously- is rarely used for grinding spices or coffee. Why is it an essential though? Flaxseeds. As simple as that ! Ground flaxseeds is part of my everyday morning meal and it goes in almost all my baking recipes. It’s a staple in my vegan pantry (which I mentioned in my basic vegan pantry essentials posts). A spice grinder is the only gadget capable of crushing a tiny quantity into the impossible desired texture. My spice grinder has pulverized dried wakame seaweed, minced walnuts and milled oat and rice. What else a humble vegan amateur cook wishes for? [”a decent vegan take out?” she whispered]. The one I’m using is the Bosch coffee grinder.

  • Bosch coffee grinder
  • Capacity 40 G
  • 180 W
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • No removable bowl
  • KRUPS electric grinder
  • Capacity 100 G
  • 200 W
  • Silent stainless steel blade
  • Removable bowl for washing
  • Dish washer safe

8- Food processor.

Finally, a powerful big capacity food processor. The mother of them all. What would I do without it? From peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, vegan mascarpone to buckwheat flour. The food processor is undoubtedly mandatory for my meal prep. If you prefer the store-bought peanut butter and you barely cook, a powerful food processor may not be the gadget for you. Consider the hand blender set though.

On my wish list

Ninja food processor 1000W

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